Liturgical Ministries


Eucharistic Ministers:   Assist in the distribution of communion at Mass and/or take communion to the sick. Training is required.

Lectors:   Proclaim the word of God at weekend and other liturgies.  Requires the ability to read well and to proclaim God’s word effectively. Initial and ongoing training sessions required.

Sacristans:  Assist in setting up for weekend liturgies. This includes unlocking the church one half hour before mass times.   Assuring that wine, bread, cups and necessary items are in place for the start of Mass, and putting things away afterward.

Altar Servers:   Assist the priest at weekend liturgies. Must attend a training session. This ministry is open to all children who have celebrated their first Eucharist as well as adults.

Arts & Environment:   Establishes and maintains an appropriate setting for liturgies consistent with the church calendar, holidays, and events to enhance all liturgical and parish events by the beautification of our worship space and buildings.

Music Ministry:   Provides music at Masses to help bring God’s people closer to God through sung prayer. Individuals should have an interest in different styles of liturgical music and be interested in expanding their vocal abilities and/or instrumental talents. Must be willing to attend rehearsals and training.

Ushers:  Assist in welcoming and helping people gathered for worship including the collection of offerings and seating people. 

Greeters:   Assist in greeting guests, newcomers, and parish members, welcoming them to our parish family. Greeters are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to the Mass.

Liturgy Committee: Our liturgy committee is responsible for planning for Sunday Mass, and liturgical celebrations for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and penance and anointing services.  No special training is required, and anyone interested in joining a liturgy committee is welcome to attend.