Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life


Do you feel God calling you to serve as a priest, deacon, or in a religious order?

It is a calling to serve in any of these roles. All people are called to use the gifts they have been given for the building up of God's Kingdom. Priests, deacons, and religious serve in a particular way. Serving as a priest, deacon, or religious is not a "job."


Priests serve as ordained ministers, making promises of obedience and celibacy. Priests preside at the celebrations of the Sacraments. To learn more about becoming a priest:

(1) Talk with your pastor.
(2) Contact your Vocations Office. (In Rochester - Diocese of Rochester Vocations Page)


Do you feel called to serve God's people as an ordained deacon in the Catholic Church?

Ordained deacons serve through Word, Liturgy and Charity.

Following the Second Vatican Council, the Permanent Diaconate was restored as an ordained ministry in the Church. In the United States, the Diaconate was restored in 1968 and has now grown to almost 13,000 deacons and 2,500 men in formation to become deacons.

To learn more about the requirements for entering the application phase for becoming a permanent deacon:

(1) Talk with your pastor.
(2) Contact your Diocesan Director of Diaconate Formation or Vocations Office (cf. The Diaconate).


Members of religious orders make vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in service to God. It is a calling from God. We suggest you begin by talking to members of several religious orders to see what the charism of each order is and how you might fit in. You might begin by looking at the Diocese of Rochester's page on Religious Life

Thank you for considering a vocation to the priesthood, diaconate, or religious life. Please feel free to contact our clergy if you have any questions.