A Roman Catholic Parish Serving:

Penn Yan, Dundee, Naples, Prattsburgh,

Rushville, and Stanley

Saint Michael's Church
Penn Yan, NY
Parish Founded: 1850
Current Church: 1902

Saint Michael's Catholic School
Penn Yan, NY
School Founded: 1882
Grades: PreK-5

Saint Patrick's Church
Prattsburg, NY
Parish Founded: 1860
Current Church: 1868

Saint Theresa's Church
Stanley, NY
Parish Founded: 1876
Current Church: 1876

Saint Januarius' Church
Naples, NY
Parish Founded: 1876
Current Church: 1964

Cobblestone Springs
Dundee, NY
Year Built: 1840
Staffed By: Sisters of St. Joseph



We Need Volunteers and We Need Help!

Today’s Church needs the gifts and talents of the laity. How are you using your talents, gifts, and treasures to grow the Kingdom of God? We need your help for the greater glory of God! Everything we do whether it be going to the movies, helping in the parish, or boating on Keuka, Seneca, or Canandaigua Lake it should be done to honor and give glory to God!  There are several ministries and organizations here at Our Lady of the Lakes that do just that give glory, praise, and honor to God!

  • Here are some ministries and organizations that really could use your help!
    • The Knights of Columbus
    • Catholic Daughters of America
    • Council of Churches
    • Stewardship Committee
    • Evangilization Committee
    • Cemetery Committee
    • Social Ministry Committee
    • Pray the Rosary with Mary (Mary our Holy Mother commands us to say the Rosary daily why not say it with our group here at Saint Michael’s in Penn Yan?)
    • Collection Counters (“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34 help us count the generous support of our parishioners)
    • Choir, Instrumentalist and Cantor (Needed at all churches! Use your voice and other talents to proclaim the greatness of God!)
    • Arts and Environment (Decorate and help make our churches beautiful to reflect the beauty of the Holy Trinity)
    • Lectors and Readers (We need your voice to proclaim the word of God!)
    • Ushers and Greeters (Be the helpful smile to welcome parishioners and visitors to the dwelling place of God)
    • Altar Servers (A great way to introduce children to the Mass and the Faith, We need more servers to help out at the Sacrifice and Celebration of Holy Mass!)
    • Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (Help at the most important part of the Mass by distributing the Most Precious Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ)
    • Youth Groups (Our Children are our future without them the church will not grow! Join a youth group to help engage our community!)

The Parishes and the Diocese of Rochester are committed to offering a safe environment for all people. We follow the policies established by the Diocese of Rochester for this purpose.

We need your help to continue to proclaim the Kingdom of God! We encourage everyone from the young to the old and retired to volunteer with us! We are a community and family in Lord Jesus and the more hands we have the more effectively we can proclaim the Word of God and more solemnly honor God!

Mass Times and Events

St. Michael's
Sat - 4:00(Confession)
Sat - 5:00 pm
Sun - 7:00 am
Sun - 9:30 am
Mon - 4:00 Holy Rosary
Thu - 8:30-12:00n (Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament)

St. Theresa's
Sun -10:30 am (Confession)
Sun - 11:00 am

St. Januarius'
Sat - 4:00 (Confession)
Sat - 5:00 pm
Sun - 10:00 am
Fri - 8:30 am - 12:00n (Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament)

St. Patrick's
Sun - 7:30 am (Confession)
Sun - 8:00 am

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