St. Andrew's


St Andrews

St. Andrew's Church building was completed in 1833, housing the Free Christian Church. This church failed after many years. In 1877, Dundee's purchased the building with the help of Father Eugene Paganini, St. Michael's pastor. St. Andrew's was then established as a mission church of St. Michael's, and was rededicated as a Catholic Church later that year.

Since that time, St. Andrew's Church has gone through many changes. With the help of a donation from Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Hunt, St. Andrew's was able to build a parish hall in 1988. Father William Michatek was then pastor. The hall provided a place for coffee hours, breakfasts, special celebrations, and various meetings.

St. Andrew's officially closed in 2009 but it remains an important part of our history. It is part of who we are today.

St. Andrew was the brother of Simon, who was renamed Peter by Jesus. His feast day is November 30th. Here are three sites to read about St. Andrew.