St. Mary's


St. Mary's is located in Rushville, N.Y., and began as a mission of St. Agnes (now called St. Felix) in Clifton Springs. In 1869, St. Mary's was incorporated as a parish, with Reverend Patrick Lee serving as its first pastor. But, in 1878, It returned to being a mission church. The original church was an old wool house that stood at the site of the present church. A fire destroyed the wool house church sometime between 1896 and 1898, and a new church was erected in 1899.  In 1958, an addition was built that doubled the size of the church.  More remodeling took place in the 1960s, including the construction of the present front entrance, the addition of the shrine of Our Lady of Grace, the window at that entrance, the installation of a new ceiling, and the enclosure of the choir loft.  In the late 1960s, the house next door to the church was purchased for use as the parish house under the tenure of Fr. William Riefer.  Remodeling of the house was completed during Fr. Paul Murley's pastorship.  The church was redecorated in the early 1990s, while Fr. John Lynch was pastor. 

For many years, St. Mary's worked together with St. Theresa's in Stanley. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of St. Theresa's a combined history was written for both parishes called One Hundred Years in God's Service: The History of St. Theresa's Church at Stanley, New York and St. Mary's Church at Rushville, N.Y. (Note pages 22 & 23 are missing (7.2 MB file)).

In 1998 St. Theresa's and St. Mary's became part of Our Lady of the Lakes.

St. Mary is, of course, familiar to us as the mother of Jesus. Many days throughout the year have been designated to honor her, such as

There are several other memorials that honor Mary. To read more about Mary check out's Page on Mary.