A Roman Catholic Parish Serving:

Penn Yan, Dundee, Naples, Prattsburgh,

Rushville, and Stanley


Saint Michael's Church
Penn Yan, NY
Parish Founded: 1850
Current Church: 1902


Saint Michael's Catholic School
Penn Yan, NY
School Founded: 1882
Grades: PreK-5


Saint Patrick's Church
Prattsburg, NY
Parish Founded: 1860
Current Church: 1868


Saint Januarius' Church
Naples, NY
Parish Founded: 1876
Current Church: 1964

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News and Events

It’s Laudato Si’ week!  Give these reflections a try.  LAudato Si Week Reflections

  This month’s Justice Peace and Life Newsletter encourages us to be compassionate towards those escaping poverty & violence.  It also asks us to say no to Physican Assisted Suicide (PAS).  Scroll down to see other newsletters. 

The Diocesan Synthesis Report for the Synod Interim Stage 2024 has been completed2024 DOR Synthesis report – final We are invited to keep using the resources in the report to continue growing in “synodality”.  The National Interim Synod report is also finalized.  The Digital Synod is leading the way in calling for today’s evangelists (that’s all of us, remember) to be internet savvy, for it is a primary communication tool of this age.  Some are beginning to talk about what it means to be a synodal leader. Here’s one look at it for Bishops, and talk with us about our workshop that begins to form parish leaders.  NCCL and Loyola University received a grant from the Lilly Foundation to form synodal parishes across the United States.  Georgetown University hosted a synodal laboratory for Church leaders in March.

Eucharistic Revival:  Music is a powerful way to express our devotion and reverence. With the introduction of new Eucharistic hymns, we will publicly affirm our belief in the Eucharist, celebrate the beauty of this gift, and give glory to God as we lift our hearts in song. Listen to them at this linkWill we hear these beautiful hymns in our worship sites in the coming months? Let our Liturgy Committee know we want to hear them, helping us to lean into the first pillar of the Revival: Reinvigorating Worship.  See the “Jesus, The Eucharist” page for more!

Help for married couples experiencing anger, frustration and hurt is available by attending a Retrouvaille weekend.  It’s confidential & focuses on how to heal and renew your marriage.  Sign up by calling 585-293-1552 or go to www.HelpOurMarriage.org.

CURSILLO @ Notre Dame Retreat House:  2024 Weekend Dates:  Men: 5/30 – 6/2; Women: 6/20 – 6/23  While Cursillo is Spanish for “short course”, it is more than a simple retreat. Cursillo plays a role in a person’s lifelong growth as a Christian. The 3-day weekend invites all Catholics to dive into our faith and connect with God’s unlimited love and spiritual revitalization. Contact: Tim Flynn (585-281-3816) or Keith Bunker (585-613-8036) or visit the website: www.rochestercursillo.com for more info.

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are a hit among families who are forming their faith with their children.  (And who doesn’t need a refresher?)  Registration forms are available now at the Parish Center and the worship sites, or by request. Forms for Sacramental preparation are also available.  


    • It is a precept of the Church that we celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least annually (more often if in a state of mortal sin).  Please do not dishonor Jesus in the Eucharist and do damage to your soul by receiving the Holy Eucharist unworthily.  Please examine your consciences and seek the grace of Reconciliation during our regularly scheduled times, or by appointment.
    • If you are not feeling well, please remain at home.  Contact Fr. Leo to receive any sacraments, and for the Anointing of the Sick (if seriously ill, scheduled for surgery or homebound).
    • Come with your burdens and joys and be transformed at Mass!  Jesus is waiting for you.
    • If you normally work on Sunday and have another day of the week off, make that your day to come to Mass and rest (3rd Commandment).
    • If you need a gluten-free host:  Please arrive 10 minutes early; find the priest, introduce yourself and explain your need.  Tell the priest where you will be sitting.  The priest will put the GF host in a pix on the Altar for consecration.  If the priest doesn’t remember you need gluten-free when you approach for Holy Communion, simply say, “Gluten-free, please.”
    • Books about Mass and Christian living are available at all entrances for small children.  Please return them after use.
    • Although the readings are posted along with the hymns, consider listening (It’s a wholly different sensory experience.) unless hearing the lector is problematic.
    • Supporting the church financially is one of our precepts.  Consider online giving, or contact the office for offertory envelopes.  If giving online, take a “fake dollar” as you enter and put into the basket as the ushers pass.
    • The sign of peace is a reflection of being at peace with our neighbors.  The Bible tells us we must be at peace with others in order to receive.
    • When receiving Holy Communion in the hand, come forward.  Receive and step to the side to consume.  Return to your seat via the side aisles.
    • Those choosing to receive on the tongue may do so, but are asked to be at the end of the Communion line.  Hand sanitizer will be used after each person receives on the tongue.
    • After the recessional hymn, consider joining in our tradition of praying 3 Hail Marys.  The intention is for the next person who dies, or one of your choosing.  Exit joyfully, knowing you are a living tabernacle, Christ living in you!  Share that joy with everyone you meet, by your actions and words.

Covid-19 is likely to remain with us.  Know what to do by visiting https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html

Like and follow our Facebook page for daily news, inspiration, events and Sunday livestreamed Mass.

We are in our second of three years of Eucharistic Revival.   It has 4 main goals.  Our diocese has created a website for regional growth and celebration.  On our own website we have added a page, “Jesus, The Eucharist.”   Go there to learn how to deepen and share God’s love for us in the Eucharist.  Be fed at Mass! (‘Teaching Masses” will be scheduled in January.) Adore at Holy Hours.  See the bulletin for places, dates and times.  (Need a refresher on Adoration?  View this: A Beginner’s Guide to Eucharistic Adoration – Busted Halo  Having a booklet like this one, may help. For younger children, view this video.)

Our local retreat center, Cobblestone Springs, is closing by 6/30/24.  Until then, “Classics in Spirituality” will continue monthly on the first Monday, 11-Noon.  Other programs will also be offered.  Go to their website to view details and register.

Those living with mental health afflictions need our compassion and assistance at all times.  Take heed of the messages found on posters and billboards throughout the County.  Talk about mental health!  Normalize it!  We are body, mind & spirit!  See many community events on INSYGHT’s Facebook page.  View INSYGHT’s full training catalog to find additional help.  Another helpful local organization working hard to help all have overall better health, free of addictions, suicide is the Yates Prevention Coalition.

Daily Scripture readings are available on the Amen app (along with a whole lot more!) or Daily Bible Readings, Audio and Video Every Morning | USCCB

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  As good stewards we have a responsibility to keep them in good shape.  For times we need help, we partner with these organizations:


Conflicts are inevitable. The Center for Dispute Settlement is a non-profit community dispute resolution center, serving the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region since 1973. They have a revised website https://www.cdsadr.org/ which describes their services. It is a Spiritual Work of Mercy to forgive faults quickly. Sometimes help is needed. 

All year long find amazing gift ideas through SERRV https://www.serrv.org/ and economic development projects https://www.usccb.org/offices/justice-peace-human-development/buy-gifts-support-economic-development-poor-communities  funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  By putting our faith into action when gift giving, we can support enterprises that provide decent wages and working conditions, protect the environment, and support people on the margins, helping them build better lives.  

The Catholic Climate Covenant wants us to show support for reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from power plants by personalizing and signing a letter to our senators.  View a slide show about S. 1863.  The Laudato Si’ Action Platform calls all Catholics to take seriously our moral obligation to address environmental degradation and climate change. Are you an environmentalist?  Do you want to help us and our brothers and sisters adopt “green” practices?  Call/email Patty about developing a “Green Team.”  View “The Letter” a full-length documentary telling the story of Laudato Si’ and how climate change is affecting the Earth and all those who inhabit it.  Available on YouTube: (3) The Pope, the Environmental Crisis, and Frontline Leaders | The Letter: Laudato Si Film – YouTube      Season of Creation Week 4

has been published!  Given this, what are your thoughts?   And the journey continues! 

Bishop Matano wants you to read his and the NY Bishops’ statement on the historic reversal of Roe v. Wade, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  It is imperative that we, as Catholics, do all we can to take the higher moral ground, reminding each other of the Commandments and serving as Jesus would have to those who find themselves in a pregnancy that is inconvenient or unplanned.  Jesus died to give us life.  Will we die to selfishness to live for Him, building a culture of life?  Find our more from GU’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, or this from FORMED.

  • Stand Out for Life, affirms the dignity of all human persons, with a special emphasis on children in the womb, pregnant moms in need (being exploited for profit, abortion workers, etc.)  Every 4th Saturday, from 9 -10:30AM, outside of the Regional Headquarters of Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY (114 University Ave., Downtown Rochester).  You can join this peaceful, prayerful event.  Bring a Rosary.

The sexual abuse cases brought against the Diocese are moving ahead.  The Diocese’s actions are to protect individual parishes.  Please continue to pray for this situation and the healing of those who suffer.  Additionally, you may want to watch “The Sound of Freedom.”   This movie shines an authentic light on one of the crucial criminal horrors of our time, child sex trafficking.  It has Christian undertones and many viewers consider it a thriller.  It is based on a true story.

For state-wide Catholic action, visit the New York State Catholic Conference’s Catholic Action Network at www.nyscatholic.org/action-center. There you can see all the active alerts and register for updates. You can also sign up for text alerts by texting CAN to 50457.   Share via email.  If copying and sharing via social media, use the hashtags:  #Catholic   #CatholicActionNetwork

Did you know that New York is the 38th hungriest state in the Union?  Click here to learn more.  Want more opportunities to put your faith into action?  Join the Catholic Action Network!  By providing your email address, you will get be advised of important ways we can impact laws in our State.  Remember, Christ is counting on us!

“The Declaration issued by the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) on 12/18/23 articulated a distinction between liturgical (sacramental) blessings, and pastoral blessings (which may be given to persons who desire God’s loving grace in their lives):  “The Church’s teaching on marriage has not changed.  This declaration affirms that, while also making an effort to accompany people through the imparting of pastoral blessings, each of us needs God’s healing love and mercy in our lives.” It is a spiritual work of Mercy to pray for the living and the dead. In such a divided world, offering all people up to God seems like the right thing to do. 


The Catholic Courier Journal, weekly, online

Justice, Peace & Life, monthly

The Catholic Climate Covenant, monthly

Growing in Faith Together, monthly for the 16-39 yr. old crowd

The Family Zone  (Bi-weekly)

“Just Us” (weekly from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester)

Creating A Safe Environment  (quarterly)

Helping People Help Themselves  (quarterly)

Open Wide our Hearts (weekly), Salt & Light (weekly) and Justice, Peace & Life (monthly)

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Rochester Chapter  

The Grapevine Express, for the aging community, bi-monthly.

Yates Prevention Coalition News

Although we know that Jesus loved us enough to die for us, this February YPC invites us to spread positive messages of self-love throughout the community.   Protective factors help kids grow up healthy and substance-free.  The positive messages come in the form of kits.  Email sthompson@caafl.org to get a kit with all the instructions!
The Coalition meets monthly, on the 4th Wednesday at 2:30-4 PM in person (1st floor conference room of the Yates County Building) or via Zoom.   All are welcome.  Stay up to date by visiting its Facebook page or visit its website.

Are you a family with young children?  Healthy Families of Ontario & Yates may be of some help.

Yates INSYGHT (Inclusive Network Supporting Youth and families towards Growth, Health, and Teamwork) is committed to giving youth and families the support they need through an integrated system, made up of families and agencies.





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