A Roman Catholic Parish Serving:

Penn Yan, Dundee, Naples, Prattsburgh,

Rushville, and Stanley


Saint Michael's Church
Penn Yan, NY
Parish Founded: 1850
Current Church: 1902


Saint Michael's Catholic School
Penn Yan, NY
School Founded: 1882
Grades: PreK-5


Saint Patrick's Church
Prattsburg, NY
Parish Founded: 1860
Current Church: 1868


Saint Januarius' Church
Naples, NY
Parish Founded: 1876
Current Church: 1964

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LaChapelle Shrine
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Why God? Why be a Catholic?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) tells us that we were made by God for God, and so much more!  Our Catholic faith is the original Christian faith.  God wants us to be in relationship with Him and His creation.  Prayer is not a matter of rushing to read the Gospel or recite a prayer.  Prayer is an encounter with Who has created you, loves you and seeks you infinitely more than you do for Him.  

Prayer Tip: Find some quiet, alone time.   Get comfortable Relax your body.  Breathe slowly Invite the Lord to come to you.  Tell Him what’s on your mind, then listen.  Bask in His love.  

Want more tips?  Join the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network   by downloading the “Click to Pray” app.  “Amen” from the Augustine Institute is also available in app stores.  

Current readily available options are:

  • The Monday Rosary Group, meeting in the Chapel of St. Michael’s at 4 PM.  How to/for the success of the Synod
  • OLOL’s Men’s Group, meeting at St. Januarius’, 1st & 2nd Saturdays, 7:30 AM.  Contact Deacon Tim @ 1-585-406-5200 or timothy.hebding@dor.org.
  • By joining/participating in any of the ministries of the parish, especially related to evangelization, catechesis, liturgy, social ministry, stewardship, buildings & grounds, finance and pastoral councils

We have many wonderful Catholics who want to help us better understand God and why chose Catholicism.  In 2023 Fr. Mike Schmitz is hosting a podcast of reading the Catechism in a Year.  Here is a Protestant response to just the first paragraph.   (In 2022 he hosted reading The Bible in a Year.)  Anyone is welcome at any time to join in or begin!  Additionally, there are many great ways to be fed by the Lord.  First and foremost is join the Body of Christ at Mass.  Formed, The Catholic Faith On Demand, offers “The Search.”  Get access by going to https://formed.org/ click sign-up, then signup as a parishioner, enter zip code 14527 and select Our Lady of the Lakes.  Enter your name and email, and you are now subscribed to FORMED!  There are many drop downs for programs, movies, audio, books, or family.  Explore to find the right content for you.

Fr. Josh Johnson and his guest, Mari Pablo, answer questions about saints who embody Catholic social teaching, how to make people from diverse cultural backgrounds feel welcome in the Church, and how to work with people who believe in some Church teachings, but not others in this podcast from Ascension Presents.  Subscribe to the RSS feed to listen free in your favorite app.  Or go “old school” and get some great reading from any of the many Catholic publishers.  Call the parish center to request help from a parish staff.

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